“The Essentials For Starting A Small Business” is a 106 page e-book that is designed for business owners and managers who want to make more profits and run their business more smoothly and effectively.

“The Essentials For Starting A Small Business” will enable you to run your business like a successful entrepreneur, making more profits whilst managing your costs. It covers how to manage your staff more effectively and will enable you to finally gain control over your business.



1- Before You Get Started

Take a Personal Inventory

Look for a Niche

Market Analysis

2- Top Ten Business Mistakes

3- Start-Up

Naming Your Business

Types Of Business Organisation

Sole Traders



Limited Liability Corporations


Bank Account

Licenses and Permits

Risk Protection

Record Keeping




4- Finance

Assets and Liabilities

Start-Up Cost Estimates

Monthly Expenses

Getting the Money You Need

Obtaining a Loan

Writing a Loan Proposal

Types Of Business Loans

Help Available

Understand and Projecting Cash Flow

Cash Flow Projections

Three Parts Of a Cash Flow Projection

Sales Forecasting

Create A Customer Profile

Create A Competitor Profile

Estimate Your Sales For The First Year

5- Developing Your Business Plan

Sample - Basic Business Plan

6- Marketing Plan

The Brand Plan

Your Customer

Internet Advertising

Newspapers and Magazines

Direct Mail

Radio and Television

Yellow Page Advertising

Trade Shows

7- Understanding Business Management

Personality Traits Of Leaders

Decision-Making Skills

Common Mistakes In Making Decisions

Other Useful Techniques

Customer Relations Skills



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