“People Management - How to get people to perform” is a 97 page e-book that is designed for those people or managers who are responsible for managing staff.

“People Management - How to get people to perform” will enable you to get the best out of your staff and turn you into an inspirational leader.


1- People Management Defined

2-What is Your Organization Saying?

3- Developing Policy

Policy and Procedure

Writing an Employee Handbook


What Do You Have Offer?

Job Descriptions

5- Management Styles


Project Communication

How to Give Orders

Communication Blunders

Feedback and Performance Reviews

7-Conflict Resolution

8-Motivating People

Positive Motivation

9-Getting the Most Out of People

Managing Outsourced Contractors

Disciplining Employees

The Elements of Disciplinary Procedure

10-Terminating Employees

People Management Success Stories

Advice To Help Your Employees Get Along With Each Other

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